Camping Checklist: 7 steps to take before camping this summer

Camping Checklist: 7 steps to take before camping this summer It's crucial to ensure your camping gear is good to go BEFORE you head off to your favourite camping destination, so we've drummed up a camping checklist to ensure you're all sorted. If you’re heading away for a stint of wonderful summer camping, be sure you follow the 7 simple steps below before you hit the road. Try not to do this the night before to give yourself time to make any tweaks to your setup!
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You really don’t want to get to your campsite, wherever you’re camping in New Zealand, and realise you’ve forgotten something or need an important part for your setup! If your gear has been hibernating for the past few months, bring it out now and follow the below camping checklist so you can get back to daydreaming about how amazing your summer camping holiday will be.

Remember if you have any questions about using your Zempire gear you can either touch base with our after sales team at [email protected] or our warranty team.

Roll your tent out and set it up as if you were on the campsite. This will help you remember the process again and is a chance to walk around it to make sure there has been no damage during storage or from your last camping trip. Make sure all your pegs, pumps and any poles are accounted for and put back in the tent bag.


A couple of sleepless nights can put a downer on any summer camping holiday. Be sure to check all your bedding including sleeping mats, pillows, stretchers and sheets/blankets are in good condition. If your inflatable/self-inflatable camping mats and/or pillows have been in storage, take them out of their bags and pump them up to ensure there are no leaks. This will also serve as a good reminder on how to pack them away quickly when you’re on your camping trip. Don’t forget to pack extra sheets and blankets!

Whether you’re camping on a powered or non-powered site, it’s key to check all your rechargeable and electrical items before heading away. Check that items such as lights (HangdomesLukensMegadomes etc) and electric pumps are all in optimal working order and be sure to charge them (if re-chargeable). 

A good habit to form is charging your rechargeable items before storing them, and charge every 2 months to ensure they retain their battery memory. Don’t forget to also charge power banks and check the power output if you have booked a non-powered campsite to ensure you have the correct connection.

If you’ve got a Zempire camping stove, then you’ll be cooking with gas so be sure to test your gas bottle and connections before your camping holiday. Check when your gas bottle was serviced last to ensure it’s in working order, then connect it to your stove and test the burners. You don’t want to go hungry at your campsite!

Our gear is built to last and we stand by that,  but accidents can happen when camping. Make sure you have an all-purpose repair kit handy in case any mishaps occur, a basic repair kit should include:

  • Seam Sealer - be sure to get the right type for your tent. Silicone-treated fabrics require a different sealer than polyurethane-coated fabrics. Your local camping specialist will be able to help you with this
  • Scissors
  • Repair tape, such as Tenacious Tape, Tear Aid etc
  • Duct Tape
  • Mesh repair kit
  • Zip Ties (10cm)

If anything happens within your warranty period remember you are backed by our Zempire warranty and our after-sales team can be contacted to help.


Make sure you have packed:

  • Plenty of sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • A first aid kit
  • Plenty of water (or have access to it)


You never know when the weather might turn and unexpected circumstances might arise so getting extra protection is always recommended. You could consider using a Ground Sheet to create a barrier between the ground and your tent or shelter. Not only will this make packing down cleaner and faster, but it will also prevent condensation. Another option is a Roof Cover, which will protect your tent or shelter from UV rays, pollen, tree sap, and other debris while maintaining cooler internal temperatures inside.

It's also a good idea to have spare parts on hand, just in case. You can find more information about spare parts in our 'Parts' section.

So there is your camping checklist Zempire Family, 7 simple steps to take to ensure you are prepared for a long hot summer of camping. Remember you can contact us if you have any questions, have fun making plenty of long-lasting camping memories in comfort!