Roof Covers: Why should you have one?

Roof Covers: Why should you have one?

You may have seen our roof cover add-ons and wondered “how do I set up a roof cover, and why would I use them?” Firstly, before we get into it, I should clarify that a roof cover isn’t required to keep your Zempire tent or shelter waterproof. All Zempire Tents have high waterproof ratings to keep you dry.

Secondly, our Zempire Roof Covers are tailormade for each of our Canvas, Pro and Evo Series tents and our Roadiebase and Aerobase air shelters. If you have a tent in these series or one of our shelters, then it’s a great idea to consider a roof cover.

Zempire Roof Covers are really simple to attach and are neatly compacted into a small carry bag, so they won’t take up much space in your boot. To learn the easiest way to attach a Zempire Roof Cover, check out our video below.


1. Keep cooler in the summer and warmer in the shoulder seasons

A Zempire Roof Cover darkens the inside of your tent or shelter, so on hot sunny days it makes a huge difference to the internal temperature. The combination of...

  1. Darkening the tent or shelter
  2. An additional layer of fabric for increased protection from the sun
  3. The silver material woven into the roof cover that helps reflect heat 

...all help to reduce the temperature underneath by up to ten degrees Celsius. You’ll absolutely love the difference this makes when trying to get to sleep on hot nights or taking a break from the sun during the hottest part of the day.

The roof cover also creates an air pocket between the fly sheet and the roof cover itself. What happens here is during the day, this pocket helps to trap some of the warm air, stopping it going further into your tent/shelter. Then at night, when the temperature cools it has the reverse effect of trapping a layer of air as a natural insulator keeping it slightly warmer beneath. Essentially working in a similar fashion to double glazed windows.

2. Protect your roof from UV degradation

 As you can imagine, UV causes a lot of damage to tents and shelters. A Zempire Roof Cover does a lot of the heavy lifting here, taking the brunt of the UV away from your fly. A tent or shelter’s roof takes approximately 80% of total UV exposure on the product, so you’re adding an extra layer of protection where it’s needed most.

3. Protect your roof from debris

If you camp near trees or under somewhere where birds might nest, then as luck would have it, you may have a bird poo on your tent or shelter. Along with this unwanted occurrence, your roof can also be damaged from tree sap or falling branches. A roof cover provides that extra layer of protection to your much-loved tent or shelter.

4. Makes cleaning a lot easier (if needed)

So, a bird poos on your roof cover… better there than on your tent, right? A roof cover is so much easier to clean things like dirt or bird poo than on your tent or shelter.  As you can imagine, our Zempire tents and shelters have a lot of fabric to move around. So, when you have one smaller piece of fabric like a roof cover, it's much easier to manoeuvre, find the spot, clean it off and make it pristine again.

So that's roof covers for you, awesome add-ons that we at Zempire believe offer fantastic benefits to our Zempire Family, especially for those who love to camp in the summer months. Relaxing inside your tent or shelter will be that much more comfortable so it’s a no-brainer upgrade to your Zempire campsite setup.